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About Us
Seoul Center for Independent Living(SCIL) will support people with disabilities to choose their own goals of life and life-styles by themselves not by experts or family members. The expected result of the outcome is to have perfect social inclusion and improve quality of life based on the independent activities of people with disabilities. Also, SCIL promotes the institutionalization of a personal budget system that can exercise budget authority for the perfect realization of self-determination and will provide customized support services that are personalized through people-centered planning for the developmental disabilities and people with weak self-expression. Therefore, all disabled people can control their own life and realize full social participation to live a happy life.
Independent Living Program and Service
As for the discrimination of the disabled people living in the community, our center advocates for the disabled to protects their rights and support for increasing their rights and interests. We also actively support for the activities of persons with disabilities who create a community environment in which people with disabilities can live easily. Furthermore, advocacy of the Independent Living Centers includes the entire disability movement for the establishment and improvement of institutions, laws, and services.

Detailed Business: Advocacy Action, Rights Advocacy Education, People First(Advocacy rights Action for the developmental disabilities).
Peer Counseling
Peer counseling increases the competence of the disability by making people with disabilities stand on equal footing, listening to each other's stories, understanding and supporting each other. Fellow counselors who actually have gone through much trouble dealing with their own disabilities, will empathize and support it.

Detailed Business: Individual peer counseling, Facility peer counseling, Refresher training for the peer counselor.
Training for Independent Living Skills
If someone wants to lead an independent life without relying on families or society, self-supporting life skills training should be conducted according to the speed and experience of the parties. SCIL will act as a partner in assisting people with the disability to acquire detailed information necessary for their independent living.

Detailed Business: Independent Living Program, Independent Living Experience Program, Self-Management System Meeting, Self-Help Group Support, Independent Living Experience Program for the severe disabled (run by Seoul metropolitan government)
Providing information and commissioning
Information that is actually helpful to people with disabilities is best known by coworkers with disabilities. Disability specialists will provide community information and connect appropriate services.

Detailed Business: Local Disability Education, Distribution of the Newsletter 'With Us', Developmental Disability Parents Meeting.
Transition Service for the people with disabilities
In accordance with the paradigm of the welfare of persons with disabilities, SCIL Provides the transition service to the residential facility to disabled person who hopes to be independent in the community. Maximum stay of 7 years in independent residential facility and can get help with stabilizing the local community through various experiences and participation such as residence, income, and activity assistance. This will contribute to improving the human rights and quality of life of people with disabilities and the integration of the community.

Detailed Business: Operate independent residential facility of 'Ga’, 'Na', 'Da'types.
Specialized Business
Although it is not a regular-based business of the center, it is a business that being promoted strategically.

Detailed Business: Development of Independent Living Models for the Developmental Disability, National Conference for the parties to the developmental Disability, National Conference for the Disabled High School Students Leaders, Promotion Support Business for the Disabled Leaders, CIL Networking in Asia.
Other Business
Regular based business in the center.

Detailed Business: CIL Training, Staff Training, Leisure Programs (boccia, bowling, picnic, and year-end parties)
If you have any questions or need more information on services, email to Seoulcil@hanmail.net
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